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GameTags is a labeling system for your hockey (and other sports) equipment. The basic idea is that you buy the labels from GamesTags website and retailers that carry it, write your name on the labels and slap it on your gear.

What sets GameTags aside from using tape is that you can also register your equipment on their website free of charge. It is a very easy process and can be done quite quickly (I know because I have registered). Now if you ever lose your gear, there is a lost and found system in place. The person that finds it goes to the website, registers the found piece and the site will search the database and put you in contact with that person.

I received my package (2 sheets of 10 labels) from GameTags and put a label on my skates and gloves. I wanted to see if I could feel the labels. My hope was that I wouldn’t feel them and that they would cause no discomfort. Well my wish came true. I couldn’t feel a thing and they have stayed on the equipment pretty effectively. They use a woven satin fabric material that is combined with ‘Cold Stick Technology’. This allows the labels to adhere to materials even in extreme temperatures and moisture (ice rinks!!!).

Hockey Gear Review would recommend GameTags to any hockey player who is prone to losing their equipment and to all parents of children playing any sport. Sporting equipment can be very expensive and quite frankly, a pain in rear to replace before it has to be. In most households money is tight but for the $15, GameTags might be worth it. It may save you the hassle of trying to replace that one glove or having to buy a new helmet!

We also interviewed GameTags to learn a little more about them and how they came to be.

Hockey Gear Review: How did GameTags get its start? Where did the inspiration come from?

GameTags: As hockey moms who were frustrated with all of the pieces of equipment that our kids were leaving behind in the locker rooms or that end up in someone else’s bag, we worked for over a year with a team of label printers and material manufacturers to develop a product that would help us to identify the individual pieces of equipment in our kids’ bags. We are proud to say that we have succeeded!! We have launched the website to go with our product, a label kit that we call GAMETAGS (www.gametags.ca).

HGR: How many people make up GameTags?

GT: Our company is made up of myself (Celina Haber- Montreal), my partner in Toronto (Zahava Kardash) as well as our consultant (Jamie Goren) who has been in the label business since 1994.

HGR: What makes GameTags unique?

GT: What makes us unique is that GAMETAGS are made from a soft touch, irritation free face stock with an extra permanent adhesive that actually gets more aggressive in cold and damp environments, making them ideal for hockey conditions. We went through 14 months of testing materials by hockey instructors all over Ontario to make sure that we had the perfect material for such environments.

Each label sheet contains 10 individual labels of various sizes (and there are 2 per package) to enable you to label all of the individual pads, pants and helmets. What also makes us unique is that the website  offers a free registration/lost and found function that will assist  in recovering the child’s equipment whether in their home rink or on the road.

HGR: Who is your target audience?

GT: Our target audience is parents of young kids playing hockey, older kids that play and coaches who wish to avoid the headaches of trying to find their players equipment! One of the arenas that we sold to also said that it makes their life easier as well since their lost and found bins are full to capacity with equipment that is not labeled!

HGR: How can people find your products?

GT: For now, GameTags can be bought on our web store at WWW.GAMETAGS.CA and at various pro shops in Ontario and Quebec. In June, we will be selling at multiple destinations which we will confirm at that time.

HGR: Thank you very much Celina for your time and good luck to the GameTags family!


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