10 25 2020

Gear Spotting – CCM 50K RibCor Skates Interview

Gear Spotting – CCM 50K RibCor Skates Interview


We have had a chance to have a quick interview with the skate team behind the soon to be released CCM 50K RibCor Skates. Hope you enjoy the interview!


Hockey Gear Review: What can we look forward to in the structural changes for the 50k skates as compared to the RibCor Pumps?

The CCM RibCor 50K was an important launch for our company and we wanted to stay true to the essence of the Reebok RibCor skate. Those who love the RibCor skate REALLY love it and are loyal to its fit. So hockey players can look forward to the same comfortable-fitting structure, with some awesome new features such as an advanced Pump™ system which efficiently wraps the interior of the skate around the back of the player’s foot, an improved FlexZone tendon guard which helps players’ agility on the ice, a new interior liner with improved durability and resistance to abrasion, a newly designed ankle support piece found between the interior and exterior layers of the skate boot giving the players a fully-wrapped and supported feel around the ankle, a new pro-style tri-guard tongue giving elite players further comfort and extra support, and a fresh new metal mesh design to give the skate a state-of-the-art look like never before.


HGR: How do these skates differ from the recently released Tacks?

Both skates offer hockey players the very-best in performance and can appeal to a wide variety of players.

The RibCor line is the only one on the market with the patented Pump™ technology, which customizes the skate’s fit to the player’s preference. The RibCor 50K was also built with ComfortFrame technology, consisting of EPP foam around the interior walls of the skate, which provides hockey players with one of the most comfortable skates right out of the box. The construction of the boot is designed to provide players with a flexible range of motion, helping them move quickly and comfortably in every direction.

The CCM Tacks features the AttackFrame technology, with carbon composite inserts in key areas of the skate, for players who prefer having one of the stiffest skates in hockey. The materials are highly responsive to heat moulding and the skate wraps nicely and comfortably around the foot so that players can get maximum performance.


HGR: Were these designed for a certain foot in mind or can all foot types jump into these skates

The skates were designed for certain fit preferences that can support any foot. Therefore, any player (with any foot) can jump into one of our skates and pick the fit that best suits them.

A player that prefers being fitted with a more flexible boot with comfortable wall constructions or wants to be able to adjust the “heel lock” to their exact measurements can do so easily with the CCM RibCor 50K. The skate’s inside walls naturally customize to the player’s foot and the fit can be further perfected with a quick heat moulding process at your local hockey shop.

A player that wants a stiff boot which helps maximize energy transfer from the foot to the ice will often gravitate towards to the CCM Tacks. The skate’s interior materials are designed to connect with all parts of the player’s foot, moulding to every shape and bump so that players feel the explosive power of their every stride. With this stiffer construction, heat moulding the CCM Tacks becomes all the more important so that players feel that perfected fit and get the most out of the skate.


HGR: What is the advantage of the Pump System?

“Heel-lock” is a common term we hear among players when they talk about how skates fit. Hockey players want to feel like their foot is completely locked into their skate, so that it becomes a natural extension of their foot.

The Pump™ provides a customized heel lock. The Pump™ system inflates the inner-back portion of the skate between the heel and ankle bones to the player’s liking, so that the skate is pressed up comfortably against foot and the heel is locked in. No other skate on the market gives players this level of customization for a skate to fit a foot.

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HGR: What are you most excited about in terms of the new skate?

Introducing the RibCor line as part of CCM’s new breed of skates is the thrilling part of this launch. We had been waiting for this for a long time. It sends a strong message to the hockey community that CCM is highly devoted to the skate category. Every hockey player can now find their favorite fit within our range of CCM skates – and that it a very exciting feeling for our company.

We’re also ecstatic about the pure visual look of the skates. We frankly believe it’s one of the best looking pair of skates on the market. It has a cool black base with stylish chrome highlights like some sort of BMW or Audi sport car model. To top it off, the coveted black steel blade gives the skate that stand-out visual appeal that sets it apart from any other skate on the market.

Thank you for time and we look forward to seeing the skates soon!

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