12 04 2020

Gear Spotting – CCM Ultra Tacks Protective Interview

Gear Spotting – CCM Ultra Tacks Protective Interview

Again, we have been lucky enough to have gotten the chance to ask a few questions about the upcoming CCM Ultra Tacks Protective line. We hope that you enjoy the interview and that it answers some of your questions. And at the very least, you get a good look at the line!


Hockey Gear Review: What excites you about the brand new Ultra Tacks line? Where does it take its influences from?

CCM: The fit and level of protection is probably the two key elements that we’re the most excited to present to players. We worked hard on providing a line that offered great protection but we didn’t want to compromise comfort and mobility. We were able to do so in a few ways, one of them was to include D30 foam

HGR: What is D3O foam and what are the benefits from it?

CCM:  D30 foam is engineered to react to different intensities, so it keeps its soft consistency to absorb low impacts while instantly hardening at higher impacts to protect against big hits. The idea behind this was to provide a maximum protection without compromising comfort.


HGR: How does the Ultra Tacks line differ from the RBZ line and the Reebok Kinetic line?

CCM: The difference with the RBZ line is that the Ultra Tacks line offers more coverage at various areas and is a continuity from the Reebok Kinetic line

HGR: Hockey players are notorious for not replacing their gear before its too late. They love value for money. How does the Ultra Tack line provide that value?

CCM: We used top of the end material to make sure the durability of the products would bring that value. For example, on our pants we used nylon abrasion panels to optimize durability and still offer a lightweight product.


HGR: What type of player did you have in mind when designing the Ultra Tacks line?

CCM: The player that is physical, plays in traffic and looking for that extra protective support

HGR: How is the fit different between the CL500 and the Ultra Tacks glove?

CCM: The Ultra Tacks is an evolution of the CL with a strong focus on comfort. It’s a snug but not too tight fit. We also have a new flex thumb design to offer more mobility.

HGR: Thanks for your time. The line looks great and can’t to test it out, especially the D30 foam’d gear!



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