12 01 2020

Gear Spotting – CCM Ultra Tacks Stick Interview

Gear Spotting – CCM Ultra Tacks Stick Interview

We have been lucky enough to have had a quick chat with the team behind the CCM Ultra Tacks Stick. Although it was just a short conversation, we asked what we thought were some important questions. We hope that you enjoy the interview and learn something cool about the stick and the design process behind it!




Hockey Gear Review: What are the changes made from the Tacks stick to the Ultra Tacks stick?

CCM: We kept the same core features, mid-kick point and stiff blade, but enhanced them and added Bumper Technology. We took that great feel and improved it by bringing a lighter blade and by optimizing the stiffness profile of the shaft. The new Ultra AttackFrame blade is lighter, but has not lost any of its stiffness. We also increased durability by reinforcing the corners of the shaft with the innovative Bumper Technology. What you get is a lighter, better performing and more durable stick.

HGR: What excites you most about the Ultra Tacks stick?

CCM: Seeing the success that the Tacks stick has gets me excited for the launch of the Ultra Tacks stick. Like I mentioned, we took the Tacks stick and brought it to the next level. I believe that the success of the Tacks stick is only a starting point, and that the Ultra Tacks will surpass it.

HGR: Have you taken the players feedback from the Tacks stick? If yes, how did it influence the design of the Ultra Tacks stick?

CCM: When developing new sticks, we work closely with all types of players, from Pros to Rec players . We take into consideration all comments, both things that were appreciated or need improvement, to develop the best stick possible. Also, during the development phases, we test many different constructions and innovations and make modifications based on the performance and durability results.

We have had great feedback from the Tacks stick. Players love the overall feel and response of the stick. Overall, players feel like they have great control of their shots and passes. Improving durability is always something consumers are looking for. With the Ultra Tacks stick, we wanted to build on this feedback and take it to the next level.

HGR: How does the Ultra Tacks stick differ from the RibCor or Superfast?

CCM: The Ultra Tacks stick has a different stiffness profile than both RibCor and Superfast. It is a mid-kick point compared to a low kick point (RibCor) and a custom kick point (Superfast). We like to call our mid kick our “all in one” since it allows great performance both on wrist shots and slap shots. The reason is that the player’s bottom hand is placed on the softer part of the shaft for wrist shots, and on the stiffer part for slap shots.

Also, our 3 stick families have different blades. Their stiffness profile and constructions are different which offers players different benefits. The RibCor blade has a softer heel for great control, but an extra stiff toe for that quick release. The Superfast has a Speed Pocket blade, which has a completely different construction to get that trampoline effect off the blade for hard shots. The Ultra Attack Frame blade is the lightest and stiffest blade we have ever created. The construction offers great stiffness that allows the blade to always stay square to the target for unmatched accuracy. Our Pro players have been using this light blade and have been very happy with its performance. That is why we have decided to bring this pro performance to retail.

The 3 lines are also different in terms of look to really appeal to all types of players. With all these differences, CCM now has a stick for every type of player.

HGR: Many rec players want a stick that is durable. How does the Ultra Tacks stick address that need?

CCM: The durability of the Ultra Tacks stick is brought to the next level due to the innovative Bumper Technology. It reinforces the corners of the shaft to protect against all types of impacts, especially slashes. Often, materials weaken and separate in the corners of the shaft due to the impacts, but it is impossible to see the damage. The Bumper technology prevents that weakening of the materials for unmatched durability and consistency.

HGR: Thanks for your time and we can’t wait till the new Ultra Tacks Sticks are released!

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