11 27 2020

Gear Spotting – Vancouver Canucks Millionaires Tribute Jerseys Unveiled

Gear Spotting – Vancouver Canucks Millionaires Tribute Jersey Unveiled

Although we already knew that this was coming, the Vancouver Canucks made it official by announcing that the team will play in their special Vancouver Millionaires Tribute Jersey as part of their 100 years of Hockey in BC celebration.

Millionaires Jersey

As we reported earlier, the Canucks will wear the jerseys versus the Detroit Red Wings on March 16th. That is also the same day that the jerseys, made by Reebok,  will go sale at Rogers Arena and the Canucks Team Store on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver.

MIllionaires Jersey 2

And just a fyi, the Red Wings were not chosen randomly either. Here is the back story from Canucks.com.

The March 16th game also bears significance as the Canucks welcome the Red Wings. The Patricks’ other original PCHA team, the Victoria Cougars, transitioned leagues from the PCHA to Western Canada Hockey League then Western Hockey League before the NHL Detroit Cougars (now the Red Wings) purchased Victoria’s roster in 1926.

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We think that the jerseys look great in combo with the cream coloured pant shells. Maybe this is a potential jersey for the rumored Heritage Classic (Canadian version of the Winter Classic) for Vancouver. One thing that has not been revealed is what colour the helmet will be. We hope that they are able to find cream coloured ones instead of the maroon colour featured on the jersey!

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We have also heard that the Millionaires jerseys will be priced at $180 for a blank replica and $280 with a name and number. Not cheap but will that deter all you Canuck fans from getting one?

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