12 01 2020

Gongshow Gear

Gongshow Gear


Gongshow Gear is a hockey specific lifestyle brand. If you are a hockey player, you may of heard some of those unique hockey terms like ‘flow’ or ‘snipe’ in the locker room or on the ice! Now you can proudly wear shirts or hoodies displaying those unique terms.

I received my Gongshow Gear t-shirt and Bucket (hat) in the mail and was quite interested in seeing what the quality of the stuff would be. Well, I have to say that I was surprised. The t-shirt was one of the most comfortable shirts that I have ever put on ‘out of the box’. It was surprisingly soft and it felt great on. They have even put in little details like put the shirts info and a separate piece of fabric and used that piece to cover up the embroidered logo on the back of the shirt. It is also nice to have a shirt that is made of 100% cotton. I find that over time, 100% cotton shirts last longer, wear better and don’t smell!

I also got a tucker hat and it was also of high quality. Again, the hat had a lot of little details that you do not normally see. The hats mesh back was actually quite soft feeling. I am not sure if you have ever seen or worn a mesh hat but the mesh part can be quite hard and a little uncomfortable at times to wear.Not with this hat. It also had a slogan across the back and even an embroidered logo under the brim of the hat. These are the little details that show the Gongshow Gear has put a lot of thought care into their products.

Don’t let my review of the t-shirt and hat fool you into thinking that Gongshow only does shirts and hats! Gongshow Gear has everything from clothing to all sorts of accessories to luggage. You can find them online or at hockey shop across North America and in many other counties!

With top players such as Rick Nash, Eric Staal, Sidney Crosby and others wearing this stuff, doesn’t that say it all. Hockey Gear Review recommends Gongshow Gear to any hockey player that loves the game and wants to show it in the gear they wear outside of the rink!

We have also done a little interview with Gongshow Gear. Check it out below!

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Hockey Gear Review: Please give a brief description of your company.

Gongshow Gear: Gongshow Gear Inc is recognized as the hockey good industry’s premier manufacturer of innovative, high quality, fashionable and trend setting clothing apparel for hockey athletes of all ages and abilities.

HGR: How did the company get its start?

GSG: It was founded in 2002 by three teammates in the Central Junior “A” Hockey League after identifying the need for a hockey apparel brand that would accurately represent the exciting and exclusive lifestyle that hockey players live.

HGR: Why did you decide to create this company?

GSG: To set out to change the game of hockey, on and off the ice.

HGR: What was your influence/inspiration?

GSG: The thrill of the game and the love of the party!

HGR: What makes your product unique?

GSG: Hockey Apparel hat to hockey players in 2002, and pioneering a new retail category within hockey stores, Gongshow has constantly pushed the envelope in the evolution of hockey lifestyle and continues to influence the game in a positive manner around the world.

HGR: Who is your target audience?

GSG: All beauty’s in every shape and form around the hockey world.

HGR: How may people makeup your company?

GSG: Millions worldwide are what make Gongshow Gear what it is.

HGR: How can people find you? Online or retailers?

GSG: You can find us at:





HGR: Thanks Gongshow Gear for taking the time answer our questions and best of luck to some true beauties!


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