10 25 2020

Green Biscuit Hockey Puck Review

Green Biscuit Hockey Puck Review

As hockey equipment continues to develop and evolve, so too does off-ice training devices. Take for instance the Green Biscuit, invented and now marketed by former NHLer Tom Pedersen.

Look and Feel

The Green Biscuit was designed to help players improve their passing and stick handling skills outside of the rink. Weighing about an ounce less than a regular puck and constructed from a durable polymer, this 3-piece puck slides with ease over virtually any abrasive surface. By reducing the weight and accounting for outdoor surface friction, the puck slides and behaves much like a rubber puck would on a sheet of ice.


Much to my surprise, the Green Biscuit never turned on its side, regardless how abrasive or uneven the surface. I sent a 70 ft. pass down the sidewalk and it spun off my blade just like its rubber sister. Comprised of 3 cylindrical screws sandwiched between rubber bushings and two discs, the bushings act like shock absorbers, which prevent the puck from turning on itself. The top and bottom discs slide very smoothly and are very durable.


I would recommend the Green Biscuit to anyone. Priced at $15.00 this is a fantastic training aid to stay sharp throughout the offseason, especially when many rinks remove their ice surfaces during the summer months. It should be noted that it is not designed for shooting, however if you’re like me, you’ll find this addictive and lots of fun to use. Hockey Gear Review recommends the Green Biscuit to hockey players of all ages and abilities.

Rating: ★★★★★

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