11 28 2020

Grinder Threads

Grinder Threads Shirt Review


Some would say that hockey is more than a game, it is a lifestyle. For those familiar with the game, they know that the fans are extremely passionate about their team and their favorite players. Hockey players want to show their pride in their favorite sport. They want to have shirts that represent them and their love for hockey.

Grinder Threads is a company that is trying to capture that market. They have created a line of t-shirts that have cool graphics and slogans and Grinder has captured the attitude of the players and has made an array of shirts to show their love for hockey!

Grinder Threads was nice enough to send us a few shirts to wear around and see how they feel. First off, the shirt s looks great. We got the Beer League Hockey and Lake Placid shirts. They are made of a cotton polyester blend. The cotton creates a nice soft feeling and the poly helps the shirt to retain its shape. The only thing about the poly is that it doesn’t allow the shirt to breathe as well and as you heat up, the shirt keeps some of that heat in. But I have been wearing the shirt around and have thrown it in the wash a few times and it has held up nicely.

The shirts are also tag less. I don’t know about you but I a hate it when your neck is always itchy because of the tag. Well Grinder must feel the same way because they have said to heck with the tag and we will silkscreen the shirt info right onto the shirt. This is a great idea! No tags, no itch! They also feature eco-friendly inks that blend into the shirt after you wash them.

Grinder Threads has come up with a nice line of shirts that capture the hockey lifestyle. The shirts feel great and look great and they are even environmentally conscious. What more could you ask for from a shirt.

*Grinder Threads has extended a fantastic offer to the readers of Hockey Gear Review. Select the shirt you want and proceed to check out. There you can use the coupon, HOCKEYGEAR, and you will receive 20% off your purchase! But you better do this soon as the deal is only on till September 15th, 2011.*

Here is our interview with Adam from Grinder Threads!

Hockey Gear Review: Hi Adam. Can you please tell us what Grinder Threads is.

Grinder Threads: Grinder Threads is an independent hockey clothing brand forged in the stories, camaraderie, and subculture of hockey.  As a brand we make some of the highest quality hockey t-shirts on the planet. Each one has a story…each one is defined by the game.

HGR: What was your inspiration or what influenced you to start Grinder?

GT: The culture and camaraderie of hockey, both on and off the ice.

HGR: Why did you decide to start Grinder Threads?

GT: To create the highest quality, best designed hockey tees.

HGR: How did the company get its start?

GT: Back in early 2009 Grinder Threads started as a small idea. Frustrated by the typical poor quality, cliché “give blood play hockey” type t-shirts – we wanted to create hockey clothing that people would actually want to wear.

HGR: What makes Grinder different, unique?

GT: Our shirts are ridiculously comfortable. We spent over a year sourcing the most comfortable, high quality fabrics and all shirts are printed using super soft water based inks. Our designers are also world-class and have worked with companies like Billabong, DC Shoes, and Warner Bros music group. 

HGR: What is your target group?

GT: Die hard hockey fans and players.

HGR: How many people make up Grinder Threads?

GT: 10 including one founder (who does most of the leg work), sales partners and designers.

HGR: How can people find Grinder Threads?

GT: www.grinderthreads.com (Free worldwide shipping on orders over $30)

We’ll also be rolling out in stores in 2011-2012 (stay tuned…). You can also buy shirts through our partners at www.thecheckingline.com.

HGR: Thank you very much Adam and good luck to Grinder Threads! Don’t forget to check them out and make use of the special 20% offer exclusive for Hockey Gear Review’s readers!


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