10 25 2020

HangAir Drying System and Gorilla Big Gear Hanger Review

HangAir Drying System and Gorilla Big Gear Hanger Review


Ever gone to a hockey tournament and played a couple of games a day, for a few days and your gear just doesn’t dry out? It has that warm, moist gross feeling and you really don’t want to put it on because you know that it just won’t feel right. I remember trying to air my gear out in between games but that doesn’t really work. Then I got smart and tried to use the hand air dryer on my gear. Well…all that did was make that gross sweat warm so when you put it on, it was warm instead of kinda cold!

This is where Underwater Kinetics comes in. Admittedly, I didn’t know who they were until they approached me to do a review of a few of their products. First is the HangAir Drying System ($69.99). It was created for underwater divers to help them dry out their dry or wet suits faster. But it does have some practical hockey use as well. It is the perfect travelling hockey players dream. When your gear is all soaked in sweat and you just wish it would dry out a little faster, stick on the HangAir and get’er done. Even though my stuff doesn’t get really soaked, it certainly does help drying your gear out quickly. This would be great for goalies, players who get really sweaty or people who live in small places. Hang your gear on it, plug it in and let the fan dry it out and then put it away. Seems pretty good to me.




HangAir Drying System Rating: ★★★★½

The Gorilla Big Gear Hanger ($13.99)was developed to take care of all that stuff that normal hanger just cant handle. Attention goalies. This is the perfect hanger to help dry out that bulky chest protector. This thing can support 50 pounds and you can put whatever you want on it. It is good for hockey but you could use it for almost anything else you can think of. I would recommend this to goalies for sure. Everyone else, if you find hangers are a problem, then you should check this out. There isn’t really much more to say other than these are far better your run of the mill cheapo plastic hangers and you should really consider getting a few of these!



Gorilla Big Gear Hanger Rating: ★★★★½

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