10 31 2020

Hockey Players Union


We here at Hockey Gear Review know how expensive playing hockey can be. That is why we have created the site. To help you become more informed about your potential purchases. We want to make sure that you are as informed as possible before you spend large sums of money.

We also know that many people would like to play hockey but can not afford to do so. That is where Hockey Players Union comes in. They are a non-profit organization that is trying to raise money for underprivileged children who can’t afford to play the sport that we all love.

The Hockey Gear Review staff thought that this was a worthwhile cause and wanted to help spread the word about Hockey Players Union. Please read the following interview we did with Jason to learn more about Hockey Players Union and what they are all about!

Hockey Gear Review: Hi Jason. What is Hockey Players Union?

Hockey Players Union/ Jason: The ‘Hockey Players Union’ is a non-profit organization offering the Original Hockey Lace Bracelet to raise funds for underprivileged children wanting to play hockey in North America.

HGR: When did Hockey Players Union get its start?

Jason: In late 2010, the Hockey Players Union was founded in Toronto and has taken off over the past month since opening our online store.

HGR: Why start Hockey Players Union?

Jason: I created this company in order to raise funding for those children whose families can’t afford to enroll their child or children in the great frozen game. Anyone who has a passion for this game knows the undefinable influence hockey has on our lives both on and off the ice. Hockey will not only affect these individuals for their entire lives, but positively affect the communities and families of these individuals as well. I’m a firm believer that hockey is an influence that develops into a greater life calling.

HGR: What was your inspiration for starting Hockey Players Union?

Jason: My inspiration is my father. He has volunteered his time on every single level imaginable within our local minor hockey association for over 25 years. Furthermore, I learned at a later stage in my life that he paid for many children’s equipment and registration fees over the years providing them with the opportunity to participate in this great game of hockey. I want to continue that level of involvement in my own unique way.

HGR: How many people make up Hockey Players Union?

Jason: The Hockey Players Union currently has three employees within its administration office.

HGR: Tell me about the hockey bracelet.

Jason: The ‘Original Hockey Lace Bracelet’ is made in Canada. Our bracelets are over-sized custom waxed hockey lace featuring a colourfast and mildew resistant design. The hockey lace is both wider and thicker than the standard store-bought lace. The double tracer found in every hockey lace bracelet we sell gives the bracelet that distinctive hockey appearance and added strength to match. Our patent pending snap-to-lace system showcases an authentic copper ‘Hockey Players Union’ cap. The ‘Original Hockey Lace Bracelet’ can be purchased in White, Gold and Black.

HGR: Where can people purchase the bracelet?

Jason: Our products can be purchased online www.HockeyPlayersUnion.com. We’re also on Twitter and Facebook found under ‘Hockey Players Union’.      

HGR: Who are you targeting with your campaign?

Jason: Our target audience are those passionate about hockey.

HGR: Thank you for your time Jason and all of us at Hockey Gear Review want to wish you and Hockey Players Union all the best and much success!

Please go to Hockey Players Union’s website and purchase a bracelet and you know that you are doing your part to help those less fortunate play the best game on the planet!

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