11 28 2020

Hockey Sled Review

Hockey Sled Review


Sometimes you need another way to train your legs on the ice other than skating suicides. If you grew up playing hockey, you know what I am talking about. Nothing was worse than hearing you coach yell to everyone that they need to line up on the goal line! I still get shivers just thinking about it.

But as much I hated it, I also realized the benefit of training my legs as much as possible. This is where the Hockey Sled comes in. It is a innovative way to train your legs and lungs. Every player needs strength, stamina and power while skating with a correct stride.

The Hockey Sled allows you to train for all of those qualities with resistance training. Made of hard plastic and with a rubber grit bottom, you are able to push yourselves as hard as you can with as much resistance as you want up to 50 lbs. Adding and subtracting weight is incredibly easy with water.

You can either use it by placing your stick in the groove at the front of the sled and push it along the ice or you can attach the harness and pull it along. They also have an outdoor model that is exactly the same. It can be used on any surface with minimal wear but it was a little noisy! You definitely won’t be sneaking up on your neighbours while using the  Hockey Sled in the alley!

I found that it forced me to really get into a deep stride to move it and it also forced me to really think about long strides to cover as much of the ice as fast as I could! I really felt it in my quads, core and lungs!

If you are looking for something to add variety and change up your training routine, the Hockey Sled it perfect for you.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Hockey Sled to all serious hockey players, looking to improve and add variety to their training.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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