10 25 2020

Hockeystick Putter Review

Hockeystick Putter Review


While hockey’s influence on golf equipment isn’t long or distinguished, oneneedn’t look further than when Easton introduced the first hockey stick putter in the early ‘90s. This putter was produced around the time the T-Flex debuted. The putter featured an aluminum tapered T-Flex shaft mated to an actual hockey blade. Following that, came the Odyssey-famed hockey stick putter used in the 1996 comedy Happy Gilmore featuring Adam Sandler. Both models were great first-attempts to incorporate golf and hockey, but both featured putter heads that were simply hockey blades, not weighted or really designed for putting golf balls.

Hockeystickputters Inc. first came to the scene in 2007 and since then, has grown significantly in both the US and Canada featuring nationwide retail coverage in Canada. For hockey players-turned-summer-golfers looking for a change, the hockey stick putter may be just what the doctor ordered. So long as you aren’t Charles Barkley.

Look and Feel

Seeing the hockey stick putter for the first time, your initial reaction is to try and stick handle the golf ball with it. It looks, well, just like a real hockey stick. Take a few practice strokes the next thing you notice is how well-balanced the putter is. The compression molded graphite shaft is hollow and the cast aluminum putter head is well weighted, allowing the hockey stick putter to swing in a full-pendulum motion.The shaft diameter is slightly smaller than that of an intermediate shaft. Like the majority of our viewers, I am a hockey player first and golfer second and because of that I like how this putter sets up to the ball. It has simple, clean lines making alignment to the ball and the hole very easy, unlike today’s complex and often eccentric looking mallet putters.


On the putting green, the hockey stick putter rolls the ball very well, with accuracy and precision. The aluminum head provides good feel and feedback and after 20+ rounds of golf on a variety of greens of various speeds, this putter has performed beyond my expectations. At 36” this putter is on the long side of the spectrum and because the grip butts into the top of the shaft, it is impossible to cut the putter without having to cut the grip. So for those who use shorter putters, your only option is to choke down.


This falls into novelty equipment category with a high degree of functionality. It performs as well, if not better than it looks with minimal adjustment required. Because it swings both left and right (72 degree loft with 3 degree lie), you just get up there and swing it – there isn’t much to it. For those wondering, this is a non USGA-conforming putter because the putter shaft exceeds diameter regulations. Because of this, I would recommend this putter to recreational golfers looking to improve their putting albeit using unconventional equipment. With 4-themed product lines: NHL (all 30 teams), Vintage (Winnipeg Jets, Minnesota North Stars, Quebec Nordiques and Hartford Whalers), College (Wisconsin, North Dakota and Minnesota) and Specialty (generic branding and Team Canada) you’re bound to find the team of your choice.

Rating: ★★★★½



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