12 01 2020

HockeyTul Review

HockeyTUL Review


For anyone who has had the misfortune of arriving to the rink only to realize their helmet has a loose or missing screw(s) and none of your teammates have a screw driver to remedy the issue – this review is for you.

Look and Feel

Essentially a hockey modified Swiss Army knife, the HOCKEYTüL features 5 pullout tools (pliers, scissors, can opener (doubles as a slot head bit), Phillips screw head, skate lace tightening hook) and 2 built-in accessories tools (toothpick and tweezers). It comes in a handy nylon pouch that can be worn on a belt complete with a blade sharpening stone and a package of accessory screws – which came in hand as my son’s helmet was missing one.

The tools have a quality fit, feel and finish to them. The bits are easy to access, both the scissors and pliers have good spring to them and parents who dread having tie skates laces on cold winter mornings will appreciate the lace tightening hook.


This is the tool is a necessity that every player and/or parent should never go without. At a retail price of $24.99,  you can’t afford not to have one; simply throw it in your bag and it pays itself off in dividends the first time you need to call on it.

Rating: ★★★★★


Hockey Gear Review: Please give us a brief description of your company.

Hockey TUL: HockeyTUL was created by three friends, two based near Toronto, Canada and one based in Chicago, Illinois.  The HockeyTUL was designed to solve the age-old problem for hockey players who end up missing games because they do not have a simple tool or extra hardware to fix an unexpected problem with their, helmet, skates, or other equipment. Who hasn’t been in a dressing room and heard someone ask for a screwdriver, dime, scissors, safety-pin (for freyed laces) or a screw?

HGR: How did the company get its start?

HT: A good idea and the right partnership that provided some healthy pressure! We went from idea to product in less than a year.

HGR: Why did you decide to create this company?

HT: The three founders are hockey enthusiasts who have experienced the frustration of “being benched by their equipment”.  Therefore we would bring a “toolkit” of screwdrivers, scissors, extra hardware. The idea eventually popped into our heads. 

HGR: What makes your product unique?

HT: HockeyTUL is the only Swiss army style all-in-one tools designed specifically for hockey players and hockey parents.  It is available with a custom carrying case that holds the tool, a skate sharpening stone and spare helmet hardware.  We hear that it is superior to other mini tool kits marketed to hockey players in that it is sport specific, all-in-one and nicely contained.HockeyTUL is also patent pending!

HGR: What was your influence/inspiration?

HT: The partners are all entrepreneurs and all hockey players. It was bound to happen!

HGR: How may people makeup your company?

HT: The three founders, Bill, Scott and Mike are full-time plus a lot of outsourcing!

HGR: How can people find you? Online or retailers?

HT: You can find us online at www.hockeytul.com.  The HockeyTUL is available for sale online through a number of online retailers.  Just Google hockeytul!  A number of sporting goods stores also carry the HockeyTUL, including, Pro Hockey Life in Canada; Total Hockey and Johnny Macs in the U.S.

HGR: Thank you for your time and good luck to HockeyTUL!

What Next?

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