10 30 2020

NHL Practice Jersey Advertising

NHL Practice Jersey Advertising


Although the Toronto Maple Leafs are not the first team in the NHL to put ads on their practice jerseys, it has still caught the eye of the hockey world. As teams look at different ways to generate revenues to help increase the amount of money they can put towards their on ice product (ie. player contracts), they are finding the need to look at creative ways to find income.

Advertising is nothing new in the world of sports. If you look at world soccer or rugby, this is nothing new and has been a common accepted practice for decades. Manchester United of the English Premier League, has recently signed a new sponsorship deal with DHL worth a reported $66 million USD over 4 years. That is not chump change. It may be time that other NHL clubs start to look at this potential revenue stream.

Hockey is a traditional based world and many will not like to see more and more advertising in the game. They will cited how there were no ads on the boards and that the game was ‘purer’. Maybe they fear that the game jersey’s will end up looking like they do in Europe, where the y are littered with ads.

I have grown up with the ads on boards and it doesn’t affect my love for hockey or does not stop me from watching NHL games on TV or live! But will admit that I do not want to see game jersey’s littered with ads like they are in Europe.

Personally I have no problem with ads on practice jerseys. I think that it is a harm less way for NHL teams to make more money. The money generated will allow the teams to spend more on player contracts and have more of a chance to compete for the Stanley Cup!

But what do you think? Are you in favour of the ads or not? Let me know what you think!

*Update! Seems the Canucks have got into the jersey advertising as well. Funny that it is not as big a deal as compared to the Leafs doing it!*

Thanks to Pro Stock Nation for the heads up on the jersey ads.

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  1. AJ says:

    The game of hockey has enough issues to deal with, why create another one by covering our jerseys in ads. Next step will be game jerseys. Regardless of what they say now give it a few years and clubs will be selling out to the highest bidder. Lets keep hockey the great game it is….