10 31 2020

Nike Pro Combat Shirt Review

Nike Pro Combat Shirt



Look and Feel

The Nike Pro Combat Shirt is your typical base layer shirt that most hockey players are wearing under their equipment now a days. I have talked before about having made the switch from deadly cotton shirts (okay a bit of an exaggeration) to the new polyester shirts and it is no secret that cotton gets rather heavy while you play hockey.

The shirt itself is what you would expect from a Nike base layer shirt. It is made of wicking materials (polyester) and has a nice feel to it. Normally I buy long sleeve shirts but this one is a 3 quarter length shirt (think baseball shirt) and I have to say that I liked the length.

Nike Pro Combat is the latest in their line of Dri-Fit performance training apparel. It has been designed to help keep you dry, keep you comfortable while playing and the seams have been designed to help reduce irritation. And they manage to do all of this while still keeping the shirt looking normal.


As you can tell, I am not a big fan of cotton shirts as a base layer for hockey. They are bulky and get weighted down by your sweat as you play. That is why the new shirts are so much better. The Nike shirt wicks or takes the moisture away from your body without getting bogged down. You feel dryer and lighter and that can only help your performance. By remaining lighter, you won’t feel so heavy and not so tired. Hopefully that translates to more energy later in the game. You just never know where that edge is going to come from!

For me, the shirt was not too tight and I liked the feel of it. While I was playing, I didn’t notice the shirt and that means that it was doing its job. If it was bothering me, then it is taking my concentration away from the game. I really liked that 3 quarter sleeve because it didn’t feel like there was too much material over the top on my slash guards. I used to cut the ends of my sleeves off so that it had less material. Now I finally had a shirt that came designed that way! After the game, I felt cooler and lighter and that was thanks to the Dri-Fit material in the shirt.


If you can’t tell by now, I would recommend that you strongly consider moving away from cotton base layers and really take a look at getting the new style of polyester based base layers. They will help keep you dry and feeling lighter. The Nike Pro Combat Shirt certainly helped me feel that way and I am pretty confident that it can do the same for you. Hockey Gear Review recommends the Nike Pro Combat Shirt to players of all ages and abilities.

Rating: ★★★★★

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