12 01 2020

Oakley Pro Straight Visor Review

Oakley Pro Straight Visor Review


Oakley visor are one of the most reconizable items in the NHL. Either players have visors or they don’t and if they do, most of the time its an Oakely. They are easily recognized by their ‘O’ sticker at the bottom on both sides. The Oakley visor is worn  by some of the games biggest stars such as Ovi, Sid the Kid, Kesler and many more.


  • – Great visibility
  • – Clean lines
  • – No glare
  • – Good protective coverage
  • -No visual distortion
  • – Does not fog up easily


  • – You must always cover it up before and after games
  • – You can only clean it with Oakley spray

The Oakley visor has clean lines and looks good. There is no unnecessary coverage to hinder your vision while playing. I found it really clear to look through while playing and to be honest, I didn’t even really notice it. And when you don’t notice new equipment, then I figure that it is a good thing.

Rating: ★★★★½


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