10 30 2020

Odor Gladiator Review

Odor Gladiator Review


How many times have you opened your bag and realized how much your gear smells? Okay, if you are like me, you have kind of grown accustomed to the smell and think that it’s really not that bad and that the females in your life are over reacting to the smell.

Well, the truth is that it does smell and the smell is an indication of you not properly airing your equipment out and that you need to do something about it! I came to this realization about 5 or 6 years ago and decided that I needed to make some changes in how I care for my equipment. Airing your gear out right after hockey helps, wearing long sleeve shirts and pants under your gear helps but what about the smell?

That is where Odor Gladiator comes in. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. My only previous experience was with the old school gym bag odor eaters from the eighties! From the beginning you knew that Odor Gladiator was something different. You are able to customize the container (shaped as a Gladiators helmet) and that in itself makes it unique. The second thing interesting about Odor Gladiator was that it claimed to not mask the stench but rather neutralize the smells and replace it with a fresh scent. But how well does it work?!

My stuff does not smell that bad anymore but I am the first to admit that it has its own brand of scent. Odor Gladiator is meant to be thrown in a bag but I decided to put it up on the shelves that I air my equipment out on. And within two days, you could smell the difference. Every time I opened the door to the room where my gear airs, the scent was much more pleasant and enjoyable! I am no longer skeptical of Odor Gladiator and am a converted believer. They also sell luggage tags and that may be a god thing for all those kids who play on teams that have team bags. Save you from taking the wrong stuff home that doesn’t smell nice!

If you are someone who tends to leave their equipment in the bag until the next time you play or have really sticky gear, you need to get Odor Gladiator. For $14.95, it will make your life and scent much better on the ice and in general and maybe even reduce the amount of grief you receive from your lady! Hockey Gear Review recommends that all hockey players get Odor Gladiator.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. Jake Bradley says:

    Excellent product and amazing customer service. 10/10