12 04 2020

Oggie Grips Review

Oggie Grips Review



Look and Feel

Like many of you, I have been taping my stick the same way for many years. Hockey is funny like that. Most players do not want to change what they do. As a collective bunch, it is hard to get many of us to try something new or different. Heck, I still use a garter belt and suspenders (sounds like I am 75 years old!).

For my hockey stick, I simply rip the tape in half and create a knob on the butt end of my stick. I used the other half of the tape to create the grip portion. I couldn’t tell you how I came to doing this but I do know that I have done it for quite a long time now.

When I got my Oggie Grip, I was somewhat reluctant to use it. Why mess around with something that seems so different from what I do now. But it is my job to try the new and the different so you don’t have to.

Once I got the custom ordered grip in the mail, I was struck at how cool they looked. Basically I sent them photos of my grip and they replicated for me Oggie style! I was simply amazed at how it looked exactly as if I had taped it up myself.

If you choose to order a custom grip, there a lot of choices to customize it to your preference. Mine is white with a firm feel and has a tape like texture. Once I got it installed into my stick I gripped it and it felt pretty good and it looked good and I was anxious to try it out on the ice.

My only complaint is that you will have to cut your stick down more than you normally would to accommodate the length of the grip. I would say that it doesn’t make that much difference but if you are really finicky with your equipment, you may want to put a little extra thought into your purchase.


Once I was out on the ice and shooting and passing and playing around, I didn’t really notice the grip at all. It was comfortable and quite sturdy. The extra length cut off the shaft didn’t really affect my play. If anything, I seemed to notice that my stick seemed to have more pop, as if I was able to flex it a bit more than normal.

The grip is quite comfortable to play with and seems to wear less on my palm than tape does. That in itself is a giant plus. Tape wears on your palms and is the number one reason for having to replace them. The Oggie grip will add some time to your gloves life!


I would have to say that the Oggie Grip is a good product. It will last longer than taping your sticks. It will give you more consistency while you play and you may even be able to transfer it from stick to stick. You can find them as low at $11.99 at some online retailers and that is not a bad price for a product that will add consistency to your game. Hockey Gear Review recommends the Oggie Grip to players of all abilities (as long as you are not a finicky person).

Rating: ★★★★☆

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