11 28 2020

PF Performance Stick Wax Review

PF Performance Stick Wax Review


I used to be a huge wax fan. I started with candle wax. It was okay. I then moved on to Mr. Zogs Wax. It was okay, smelt great but was really designed for surf boards. Plus it never really went on that smoothly. There were always chunks and made for an uneven layer. Then I discovered Ice Wax. It was much easier to apply. It looks like a stick of deodorant and pretty much went on the stick the same way.

PF Wax1

I would apply it on the whole blade and then smear it with a puck to really grind it into the tape. To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure why I started doing it to begin with. It was probably because I thought that it would help increase the life of my tape and that it might help with puck control.

PF Wax Base

I started to only do the bottom of the blade and I found that it worked just the same for me. Around the same time ProFormance Wax showed up at the office. I was starting to lose interest in stick wax but thought that I the ProFormance Wax looked interesting.

PF Wax Control

There are 2 different types that I received. There was PF Performance Base, PF ProControl and PF Max Control. It also come in a couple of different sizes. There are starter sizes and the stick size versions.

PF Wax Max Control

I really like the base layer wax. It has added life to my tape job which leads to my blade having a better life span and that is worth it right there. Did I mention that it smells good too? It adds a nice smell to an otherwise stinky dressing room! So how did it perform? When I had the Base and ProControl on the blade I found it too sticky. I suppose that it was the difference between what the PF Waxes can do compared to what I was doing before, it was a massive difference. For me I found that I like just having the Base layer on the blade.

PF Wax2

For about $10 for the stick or $2 for the started size, ProFormance Wax is well worth the price. It will make you tape jobs last longer against game play wear and tear. That will lead to extending the life of your blade and stick. It will also increase your puck control (but nothing will replace your hands!).

Hockey Gear Review recommends ProFormance Wax to all hockey players.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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