12 01 2020

Powerfoot Performance Inserts Review

Powerfoot Performance Inserts Review


When you are at the top level, you are always looking for that edge to help you get above your competitors. Believe me, I am not at the top but you dont want to be at the bottom either! Powerfoot Performance Inserts just might be the thing for you.

They are a blue foam insert that goes attaches to the top of the plastic top cap at the end of your skates. It helps to create a more snug fit and Adrenaline Sports Innovations suggests that you skating will be enhanced with a more explosive start and stronger crossovers and stride. By creating a downward pressure on your toes, it helps to prevent any excess movement and better use of the energy you are creating while skating.


So does it work? First off, you can feel how it is more snug in the skate. It certainly feel different, not bad, just different. As you skate, you can feel that your toes don’t move as much and you can only assume that you are skating with more power and energy. To be honest, after the first few warm-up strides, you take a few passes and a few shots and you forget that they are in there. And that is a good thing. It means that the inserts are not bothering you while you play.


photo courtesy of adrenalivedesigns.ca

The Powerfoot Performance Inserts will cost you $19.99. It is a cheap investment that could help you get there a stride or two faster than you would have!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Powerfoot Performace Inserts for all hockey players. 

Rating: ★★★★☆

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