10 30 2020

Pro Helmet Decal Review

Pro Helmet Decal Review


As more and more minor hockey teams look to become more and more professional looking, teams are starting to go the whole nine yards. They all have matching track suits, equipment bags, gloves, pants and helmets. Another way of emulating their NHL idols, is to put team logo decals and numbers on their helmets.

Some of the decals that you buy are good for your regular bike helmet. It won’t be worn in freezing temperatures but it will eventually peel off. Enter Pro Helmet Decals. They are specialist on making tough long-lasting helmet decals. Not only do they create decals for hockey but football, baseball and lacrosse. They guys know what they are doing.

I have an official NHL shield decal and the decals from Pro Helmet Decals are of the same quality and consistency. They are thick and are meant to withstand the cold. The decals that I have tested out have withstand the cold of the ice rink and I have experienced no problems.

If your team is looking at getting custom decals made, you should really consider going with Pro Helmet Decals. They make custom one and helmet numbers as well. If you want to look professional, then you might as well get professional quality decals and numbers!

Rating: ★★★★★


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