11 25 2020

Hockey Sticks

Hockey Sticks


  • Very personal

Most learn preferences by trying out and learning what you like and dislike

  • 1st decide which curve you like
  • Most brands have the same curves
  • 2nd what flex do you want

Mostly depends on 1. Strength 2. Most common shot
Less flex = more wrist shots/ snappers
More flex = harder slapper
Think of flex after you cut the stick down, as you cut it down, the stiffer it will become
Hold stick at approx. height your stick would be after cutting and then flex

  • 3rd brand
  • 4th height

General rule of thumb is around chin level on skates, nose on foot
Short stick = better stick handling in tight spaces, but usually stiffer stick, more bent over and can be hard on your back
Longer stick = better for poking puck, more stick for better leverage on shots, harder to stick handle in tight spaces

  • Ultimately depends on personal preferences