10 30 2020

Rebellion RB 65-10 Hockey Stick Review

Rebellion RB 65-10 Hockey Stick Review


In early April we published a review of the Rebellion RED LINE. Today we publish a review of the Rebellion RB 65-10 featuring their unique DYNAMO FLEX; a hybrid shaft design that provides more whip when your hands at the top, close together and a lower kick point down low.

Rebellion sent us a RB 65-10 grip model to review and like our previous review of the RED LINE, this stick is the real deal.  Hovering around 450 grams at full length, you would be hard pressed to distinguish this stick with your eyes closed against comparable sticks by the big boys – Bauer, Easton, Warrior etc. this holds just as true with the RB 65-10 on-ice performance too. Whether it’s fact or fiction, I seemed to have a bit more zing on my wrist and snap shots, equipped with extra strong T700 and 30ton carbon fiber – this stick just as accurate as it is predictable.

The 12K weave blade with pro-finish (abrasive, textured coating) provides very good feel and without tape, the blade naturally provides grip and is less slippery when wet. The shaft also features reinforced corners for added durability – something I can attest to now after receiving some very good whacks and slashes – this stick can handle the abuse.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good value at $167.99


  • Limited patterns/lies available

Rating: ★★★★½

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