11 27 2020

Rebellion RB A-12 Hockey Gloves Review

Rebellion RB A-12 Hockey Gloves Review


While you can spend a small fortune buying the latest one-piece composite sticks and advanced custom-fitted skates, glove manufacturers are producing pro-spec gloves in a variety of sizes, colors and affordable price points.

The Rebellion RB A-12 glove is one of these gloves. A featherweight, classic 4-roll design with 3-piece fingers for added dexterity, encased inside a protective sandwich of plastic inserts, high-density foam and nylon. The first thing you notice when you slip these on your hands is the narrow, intimate fit, the next thing you notice is how open and mobile the glove behaves. This glove fits like the Eagle PPFs but with the open cuff design, it provides increased mobility in the wrists without compromising protection.

Rebellion was kind enough to send HG Review a pair and after my second game wearing these gloves, they felt right at home. The 3-piece fingers required a little time to pack out, but I think the stiffness was more attributed to the dual layer, reinforced nash palm. As one would expect with a pro-spec glove, the A-12 comes equipped with plenty of protection and coverage including locked thumbs, which players don’t appreciate until they experience a hyper-extension. So far I’ve been on the receiving end of some very good whacks and blocked shots and have lived to tell
about them.

The A-12 comes in 4 sizes ranging from 13.5” to 14.5” and 3 colors (black, navy and red).


  • Excellent fit, overall design and quality construction
  • Lightweight
  • Pro protection
  • Very good value


  • Could benefit from more foam inside the gloves near the thumbs, which tend to rub against the hand when shooting

With the price of gloves ($99.00) and quality of protection, there are plenty of compelling reasons why you should buy new as opposed to re-palm your old pair. The RB A-12 can go toe-too-toe with the top-end likes of Eagle, Warrior, Bauer and RBK requiring minimal break-in. Hockey Gear Review recommends the Rebellion RB A-12 Hockey Gloves to intermediate hockey players and above.

Rating: ★★★★½

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