10 25 2020

Rebellion Red Line Hockey Stick Review

Rebellion Red Line Hockey Stick Review


In this day and age, there are so many choices for hockey sticks but really it seems to be only a select few that are showcased in the NHL. My mom used to say don’t believe everything you read in the paper. Now how does that apply here? I guess what I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t believe that what is in the NHL are the only options available! There are many different smaller equipment manufactures out there making great products.

Rebellion is one of those companies. They are not as big as Bauer or Warrior but they do make comparable products. We were lucky enough to get to test out one of their sticks. Out of the box, you could see that it had nice graphics, clean lines and was pretty slick-looking. It features a 100% carbon fiber shaft and the blade has a 12k weave.  Once you get on the ice you realize that it feels just as good as any of the other sticks. It handled well and was quite responsive. All in all not too shabby!


  • – Lightweight
  • – Clean lines
  • – Nice graphics
  • – Responsive and stiff blade
  • – Easy to grip


  • – Not too crazy about the grip coating (personal preference)
  • – Once I cut the stick, it got quite stiff

Get the Rebellion stick onto the ice and you will see that you don’t always need to have the most popular equipment to compete. Always go for the stuff that you feel most comfortable with. It is about how you use the stuff, not about the name on the stuff. The Rebellion stick will allow you to shoot and pass just like all the others and with a $189.99 price tag, it is a a more affordable option than its high-end price tagged competitors.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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