10 31 2020

Redi-Edge Pocket Skate Sharpener

Redi-Edge Pocket Skate Sharpener


I have to say that after working in a hockey shop a number of years, I am picky with my gear and that includes skate sharpening. Even to this day, I let very few people sharpen my skates and know when my favorite guy is behind the wheel to buzz my skates. This is mostly because I like my skates to be sharpen at a 1/2 inch hollow. I find that it allows me to have sharp skates but they also don’t catch or bite on the ice either. Years on experimenting help me to find this out. Also skates and hollows are a very personal thing.

When I got the Redi-Edge, I was somewhat skeptical of its ability to sharpen my skates. I opened the package and out popped the Redi-Edge and some instructions on how to use it properly. I can not stress enough that you much follow the instructions properly. You don’t want to use the Redi-Edge on your skates improperly and mess them up!

I also have to admit that I didn’t use Redi-Edge on my game skates. I tried them out on my coaching skates. I figured that if it didn’t work properly, I would be ruining my ‘other’ pair of skates and not my number ones! Finally I got up the courage to try it out on my coaching skates and I am not sure what the big fuss was. Using the Redi-Edge sharpener proved to be pretty easy and fairly effective.  My skates seemed to have a bit more of an edge and I could move well out on the ice.

Although I would not use the Redi-Edge Pocket Skate Sharpener to replace getting your skates sharpened at your local hockey shop, I would recommend that you have one in your bag. It makes for a great tool to clean up the edges of your skate blades if you don’t have enough time to get the store and have your skates sharpened properly. And the Redi-Edge is much better than other quick fix tools out there. Hockey Gear Recommends the Redi-Edge Pocket Skate Sharpener to any hockey players bag!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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