12 04 2020

Reebok 20K Pump Senior Hockey Skates Review

Reebok 20K Pump Senior Hockey Skates Review


For my whole life I have always worn Bauer skates. There is no rhyme or reason for the decision other than it was probably because my dad wore Bauer’s and put me into them. So when I was given the chance to test out the latest skate from Reebok, I was really excited to see if they were really that different.

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The 2oK skate was a bit different out of the box than I was used to. From my time working at my LHS (local hockey shop), I knew that Reebok’s fit longer and wider than Bauer’s did. They fit like a traditional hockey skate and are basically a traditional hockey skate. The skate is lined with Nash and Clarino which are traditional materials and it features a thick white Pro Felt tongue. The tongue always has foam down the middle of it to help reduce lace bite. There is also the Pump too but the biggest feature is that it has Skate Lock and that helps to create two lacing areas, the lower and middle.

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The skates fit well out of the box and given its traditional design, I didn’t expect much less. With my forefoot being a little wider, the 20k skates fit really well but my heel wasn’t locked in well. Use of the Pump is supposed to help lock in your foot but it didn’t really do much for me. If anything, I felt like it added weight to the skate. I was not crazy about the Skate Lock mechanism. It was got in the way of tying up my skates and when I was doing my stretches on the ice, it kept sticking to the ice and became a bit of a¬†nuisance. I have actually removed the Skate Lock.

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On the ice the skates where more forward leaning than Bauer’s and it did take me some time to get used to that but not for long. About half way through the game, I wasn’t really thinking about it or tripping/stumbling on the ice. And that is all that really matters. If you feel good, then you can concentrate on playing your best.

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– Traditional Fit

– Good for wider feet and thicker heels

– Felt tongue is more comfortable

– Break in time was minimal


– Pump was ineffective and added to weight

– Skate Lock was a nuisance

– Slightly heavier than other High End skates

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All in all the Reebok 20K Pump Senior Hockey Skates were quiet a good skate. Don’t let me issues distract from the fact that they are well-built and should last a long time. They are quite comfortable and fit well out of the box. If you have always worn CCM or Reebok, then you shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting to these skates. If you are coming from different brand, then there will be an adjustment period but I am sure that it wont be long. If you are looking for a solid skate that fits like most of the others you have owned in the past, then the Reebok 20K Pump Senior Hockey Skates may be the ones for you at a cost of $799.99.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Reebok 20K Pump Senior Hockey Skates for high level rec players and above.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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