09 21 2020

Reebok 20K Shin Pads

Reebok 20k Shin Pads

One of the pieces of gear that not much thought is given to is the shin pads. Funny because they are probably one of the most important pieces you own. Think about when you play shinny without them and get smacked in the shins. It kills! It only has to happen once before you remember to bring them back out. Most players will spend time replacing other pieces of gear before they replace their shin pads. I am not here to say there is anything wrong with that but when they have cracks in them or the stitching is coming apart, it may be time to find your self some new ones.

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I am guilty of not replacing my shin pads in a timely manner. Mine where in such bad shape that the padding was falling out of sides. Thats why I was extremely glad that Reebok sent me some of their 20k Shin Pads along. Straight away I could not get over how much protection there was. There is plastic inserts all over the place, an intense calf wrap and velcro straps to keep them on you. But you know what the best part about the shin pads are? You can practically remove everything on the pads that you don’t want. I have big calves and the calf padding never fits properly. So off they came! I also took off the shot guard above the knee cap. It always seems to interfere with my pads and although it never really restricted my movement, I was always annoyed with them. See yah shot guard.

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Now that the shin pads were customized, I was ready to try them out. During the warm up skate something wasn’t quite right. I am not sure if it happens to you but this always happens to me. The shin pads are never strapped into the right place and seem to slide a bit upwards and not sit properly. All I had to do was re apply my sock tape but still annoying. The other problem I had with them is that one side fit over my skate tongue well and the other one not so much. I was constantly adjusting them on the bench between shifts. Really annoying. But the shin pads are comfortable to wear when sitting properly and breath pretty decent. I blocked a few shots and didn’t notice a thing.

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The Reebok 20k Shin Pads are really good pads and they are made from the same technology that protects the majority of pro players (majority use Reebok). If you seem to have the habit of getting in the way of shots, these may be the pads for you. Bring you own skates along when fitting them and make sure that they sit on your leg the way you normally like it. If you are going to spend $150, make sure they fit well. Good pads, loads of protection and peace of mind while standing in front of that huge slapper!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Reebok 20k Shin Pads to all high level hockey players.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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