12 04 2020

Reebok 4k Senior Hockey Helmet Review

Reebok 4k Senior Hockey Helmet Review



Look and Feel

Helmets are one of those things that are hard to recommend. Much like skates, you really need to try on a variety of helmets made by different manufactures, to find the right fit. Heads come in all kinds of sizes and the same helmet will fit differently on different people.

Even with this knowledge and experience from working in a hockey shop, I still bought the Reebok 4k helmet online because it was relatively cheap at $39.99. It is the old model but in reality, the only difference is that it has the Reebok logo and the new one has the Reebok word mark. If you care about looking exactly like the pros, then the current model will run you about $79.99 (maybe cheaper if you shop around). I don’t care that much and I found that cost was my deciding factor.

The Reebok 4k helmet is a good-looking helmet. It combines a high density foam layer with a low density foam layer for protection and comfort. I found that the helmet fit quite comfortable out of the box and that the low density layer was more comfortable on my head versus helmets that only feature high density foam. You can also adjust the size of the helmet front to back making use of the ‘Fit Clips’. You simply lift the clips up and adjust the helmet and the click the clips back and you are done. It is not the most adjustable helmet but that is also why it is so much cheaper than the high-end 10k helmet.


I found that the 4k was fairly light and that my head was kept quite cool from the vents in the shell. Because I bought this helmet online without ever trying one on, it is a little too big. The helmet has some movement side to side. It won’t do 360 around my head but it should fit snug and it really doesn’t. This is no fault in the design of the helmet, it’s my fault! If you ever plan to buy online, make sure to go to your local hockey shop to try the equipment on before you purchase so you know what size you need. I could probably do with a medium size instead of the large I bought. I play beer league non contact (most of the time) hockey, so I am not overly concerned (knock on wood!).  When I play, I don’t notice the helmet and that is exactly what I want. If I don’t notice a piece of equipment that means it’s doing its job without causing any problems.


I would recommend this helmet to any rec. level player. It is not suitable for players that are in a hitting league. If I was a parent or was playing in a full contact league, I would probably ante up for a more protective and more expensive helmet. You only have one head, so protect it! That being said, I play hockey with the same group of guys every week, so I can go into the corners and not worry that I will get smashed. Try the helmet on and make sure that you get a good snug fit (front to back and on the sides). If you get that fit out of the Reebok 4k, then you will happy about your purchase. Hockey Gear Review recommends this helmet to non-hitting recreational hockey players.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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