11 28 2020

Reebok 8K Jock Review

Reebok 8K Jock Review


Now you might be thinking why review a cup? Aren’t they all equal?

Well my friends, all jocks are not created equal. And you know what I mean if you have ever been fit in that area before! There is the standard cup, the banana cup and the 8K. I have tried them all and I won’t bore you with the details but I can say for sure that the 8K jock is the best one on the market. Don’t believe me, just ask the many NHLers who use it too!

The Reebok 8K jock features a “Moose Head Spoon” shaped cup that sits flat on top and doesn’t create any discomfort. It is larger than most of the other options but is more comfortable. It also features an adjustable and washable (key) terry cloth (think towel) waist band.


-fits incredibly well

-very comfortable

-maximum protection provided by the shape of the cup


– expensive compared to the other options

The Reebok 8K jock strap is much better than the competition out there. They are hard to find in North American but some searching on eBay and you will be able to find one for about $39.99 plus shipping. I would have to say that I don’t think that is a big price to pay for such important protection!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Reebok 8K Jock Strap to all levels.

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