10 29 2020

Reebok 9K Girdle Pro Stock Review

Reebok 9K Girdle Pro Stock Review


Normally we only review retail equipment for this site. The reason is because that is what is most accessible to the majority of the hockey playing masses. But for those of us who live in or near a pro hockey team, we have access to equipment sales and are able to find some bargains. This was the case with the Reebok 9K Gridle. As far as I know, it is only available to pro teams and junior teams.

Reebok 9K Girdle1

Now why would I write about a product that most won’t be able to get and goes against our mandate of trying out retail products? It is because even though it is a pro stock girdle, it is still a girdle. And it reminded me of a few things about why I love my current hockey pants set up!

Reebok 9K Girdle 2

The 9k Girdle was pretty comfortable for the most part. There is a belly strap to tighten it up (didnt need it), the length of the legs are adjustable and the tightness of the thigh protection are also adjustable. There is quite a bit of protection but I would say its not any less or more than what is included in traditional hockey pants. I found that the although the thigh portion was able to adjust for me, the length was quite right. Either I am too short for the size (medium) or they simply isn’t enough velcro for adjustments.

Reebok 9K Girdle3

My major concern with the girdle was that I kept having to pull it up all game and I found that to be rather annoying. Every single time I got to the bench, I was having to hike the girdle up after it kept falling down. Now you may ask, why don’t you tighten the strap up. Good question. The simple answer is that I don’t want it tight around my belly (notice belly and not stomach). I have never liked to do the strap up and that is main reason I use suspenders. Suspenders allow the pants to hang at the right length despite the not tightening up the strap.

Reebok 9K Girdle 4

Please don’t think me persuade you towards not getting a girdle. Some will like that it is quite close to the body and therefore the protection is right on you. Some will like that it is less bulky and seems to weigh less. It really depends on what you are looking for and what you value with your pants. I personally want good tailbone protection, zippers in the thighs and four way stretch in the crotch. But most importantly I want to be able to use suspenders. I detest having to pull my pants the whole time while playing. It is a distraction and¬†unnecessary.


– Light weight

– Not as bulky

– Very comfortable

– Adjustable length

– Adjustable thigh tightness/width


– Can’t use suspenders

– Didn’t stay up

Reebok 9K Girdle 5

Overall, I would say that the Reebok 9K Girdle is good. I think that if you really like a tight and close fit, then you should definetly look into finding your self one of these. Because they are for the pros, you will have to look out at pro team equipment sales or on eBay. If you find that your pants fit good and you don’t like a tight fit, stay away.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Reebok 9K Girdle to high level hockey players

Rating: ★★★½☆



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