10 24 2020

Reebok RibCor Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Reebok RibCor Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Reebok’s latest offering is the Reebok RibCor Series of hockey sticks. They are designed to help the shooter become more efficient with their shot by making it easier to generate power to load up your shots. But the biggest thing about the RibCor series are the RibCor’s. The RibCor’s are a series of 3 ribs in the shaft that are visible. The claim is that due to the carbon fibers always being in tension, it takes less energy to load the stick up for a shot. The long and short of it is that because of the ribs, you should be able to shoot better.


The RibCor looks pretty much like any other stick out there on the market except for the already mentioned ribs. It is a low-mid kick point, features Reebok’s Griptonite technology and a SSX blade. The SSX blade is stiff in the heel and extra stiff in the toe. It allows for the stick to have more feel in the heel and stronger in the toe.


I found the Reebok RibCor stick to live up to its claim that it makes it easier to shoot the puck. Where I really noticed the difference was on slappers. The harder I tried to shoot, the crappier it came off the blade. When I would relax and try to just take a natural swing at the puck, the better, the hotter it would come off the blade. It had considerable pop and with quite a bit of accuracy.


As for puck handling, my hands aren’t the greatest and this stick didn’t help make up for that! It was no better but certainly no worse in my ability to handle the puck. I was able to to everything I needed to do but it felt no different than the other sticks I have used in the pass. One area I did notice was that I was able to get saucers off without really thinking about it. I attribute that to the stiffness of the heel. And this is definitely one area the stick is an improvement of the Reebok 20K stick.


If you are looking for a lightweight yet durable stick, then take a look at the Reebok RibCor Hockey Stick. I do believe that it makes it easier to take good hard shots and if you are using less energy on shooting, then maybe you will have just a little more energy for the other parts of the game. You will be paying top dollar for this stick, $259.99, but you will be getting a top of the line stick.


Hockey Gear Review recommends the Reebok RibCor Senior Hockey Stick to high level hockey players.

Rating: ★★★★☆



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