10 25 2020

Ref You Suck! T-Shirt Review

Ref You Suck! T-Shirt Review


How many time have you been watching your favorite team play in that all important game and the ref or ump makes a brutal call and all you can do is yell out at the TV? I know that for myself, there has been many a time that I have screamed out at the TV at the refs. Come to think of it, I have screamed a lot while watching games live too!

I also have this secret fantasy where I bring rotten tomatoes and rotten oranges to games so that I can throw them at the ref after they have made some brutal call that has cost my team!  But of course, I am a normal person who would never do that because I don’t want to be kicked out the arena for life either. So I resort to screaming and name calling because that is all I can do!

Well now you can wear your displeasure with the Ref You Suck! line of t-shirts. They have produced a line of shirts with comical images of ref and umps, that also feature their signature catch phrase. The shirts are 100% cotton shirts that are comfy and will keep you comfortable while you let the refs know how you really feel about them! At $14.95, this a pretty good price to voice your displeasure at the ref’s work!

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