10 30 2020

Salming M11 KZN Hockey Stick Review

Salming M11 KZN Hockey Stick Review



Look and Feel

When I got the Salming M11 KZN stick, the first thing I noticed was the cool look of the stick. For me, the stick seems to strike the right balance of graphics on it. I don’t like the stick to be cluttered with logos and branding and I think that Salming has found the right balance. The logo that I think is the best is on the heel of the blade. They have put a logo of a lion’s head there and although you will cover it with tape and it does not add to the performance of the stick, it just looks cool.

The next thing I noticed was the odd shape of the shaft. They have reduced the width of the shaft in the flex zone. Imagine where the stick would be flexing as you shoot and that is exactly where the shaft width has been reduced. It was very odd to see and I was very curious to see how it would perform. Salming has engineered this unique proprietary shaft to increase the shot power, accuracy and to have a faster release time.  Beside the unique shape of the shaft, the rest of it feels the same as any other hockey stick.


I was extremely curious to see if the unique shape of the shaft would be helpful. The stick was quite whippy and you could definitely feel the reduced width in the shaft when shooting. It was a different feeling; it felt as if the stick was going to break. I think that this was due to the reduced width but maybe this is better as you have a better feel for your shot. Shooting is where I could notice the biggest difference between the Salming M11 KZN stick and other one piece composites. In all other facets of the game, the stick behaved as you would expect a high-end stick to behave. There were no other surprises.


The Salming M11 KZN is an okay stick. For the most part, it is like any other one piece composite hockey stick on the market. It has great graphics and is aesthetically pleasing. But the biggest feature on the Salming stick is the shaft. The reduced width creates a truer feeling while shooting and is simply unique to this stick. If you are looking for something uncommon and different, this maybe the stick for you but it does come with the high-end price tag of $199.99. If you are unhappy with your current stick and haven’t ever found the right one, the Salming M11 KZN may be the one for you! Hockey Gear Review recommends the Salming M11 KZN to player who is a true enthusiast about hockey sticks.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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