12 01 2020

Shock Doctor Shockskin Hockey Impact Shirt Review

Shock Doctor Shockskin Hockey Impact Shirt Review


Look and Feel

Like many other base layer shirts, the Shockskin Hockey Impact Shirt by Shock Doctor, is a tight-fitting shirt made of synthetic materials. What really separates the shirts from others is the built-in amour. The Shock Skin foam layer will be the first thing you notice. It provides extra protection at the base of your neck, across your lower back and along your ribs. If you play in really intense hockey with lots of stick work, this may be the base layer shirt for you.

Once I put the shirt on, it felt like any other base layer shirt in that it was a tight fit on the body. I found it interesting that Shock Doctor has used two different materials. The chest, ribs and upper arms of the shirt are made of one of one material and the forearm/wrist area and down the spine are made of a mesh material. According to Shock Doctor, the mesh material is a 4 way stretch mesh that allows for greater movement and breathability.


Once I started to play in the shirt, I noticed how much I liked the Gripper Pattern on the elbows of the shirt. It really locked in my elbow pads and kept them from sliding around during the game. The shirt also has gripper pattern on the ends of sleeves as well but I really notice its effectiveness.

Now a days, I don’t play in a very physical league. Most of the time, I play in a regular pick game and it is pretty easy-going. So for me the extra amour seemed a little lost. I don’t regularly encounter cross checks to the ribs or to the spin like I used to playing minor hockey.

The Shockskin Shirt breathed well in most areas but seemed to trap a little more heat and moisture under the armored areas. It was not a big deal and didn’t effect my performance on the ice. All in all, it preformed like most other base layer shirts on the market.


If you play high impact hockey or need a little more protection, then the Shockskin Hockey Impact Shirt will be a good fit for you. Priced at $69.99, it a little more than other base layer shirts but also offers protection where shoulder pads don’t. I can see this shirt being a good base layer shirt for goalies of all levels and players in any type of hockey that has hitting. Hockey Gear Review recommends this shirt to all goalies and anyone who plays in a contact league.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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