10 30 2020

ShockSkin Hockey Impact Pant by Shock Doctor Review

ShockSkin Hockey Impact Pant by Shock Doctor Review


Like everyone out there that plays hockey, I have taken a few knocks and tripped a few times and have crashed down hard on my sides/hips or my rear end. One time it was so bad, I couldn’t even stand up straight for 2 days (but that’s for another day!).

I always wished there was extra padding I could wear without it being too bulky (imagine football rib protection). Well Shock Doctor has a line of base layers that also includes light weight padding (check out our review of the Shockskin Shirt). I have to admit that for me, the pants are more comfortable than the shirt. Despite them being compression pants, they are not too tight and are quite comfortable and well ventilated. They feature velcro tabs to replace your garter belt or jock shorts.


  • Light weight
  • Well ventilated
  • Added light weight protection on the hips, tail bone and thighs
  • Grip on the shins for your shin pads
  • Comes with a heavy-duty cup
  • 4-way for increased range of motion and comfort
  • Velcro tabs


  • Velcro tabs (I prefer garter belts)
  • If you are short like me but ‘thick’ through the middle, the pants are a little too long
  • Fabric doesnt breathe too well where the padding is

All in all I think that the ShockSkin Hockey Impact Pants by Shock Doctor are worth the $84.99. It gives you added light weight protection in high impact zones, it replaces your jock and garter belt and provides full leg coverage so that your skin doesn’t come in contact with your pads. Hockey Gear Review recommends the ShockSkin Hockey Impact Pants to players of all abilities but especially to those who play the rough and tumble game.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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