10 24 2020

Team Russia Nike Olympic Jerseys

Team Russia Nike Olympic Jerseys

Today, the Russian Ice Hockey Federation unveiled their new hockey jersey to be worn at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. The red is pretty traditional looking and not too bad. The white jersey is pretty interesting.

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edit: Found some more info about the jerseys at nike.com

The red jersey has been designed in more of a traditional approach. It celebrates Russian pride through the large crest at the center front, with ‘Russia’ emblazoned underneath in championship graphics. The white, blue and red stripes on the upper sleeves pays homage to the Russian flag and identifies this team unmistakably around the world. This is amplified through the contrasting white waistband and the deep blue modern neckline. The four golden stars on each shoulder represent the Russian team’s past successes and the colored stripes on the socks correspond with the jersey’s sleeves to create a complete look.

courtesy of nike.com

nike russia red1

nike russia red2

nike russia red3

The jersey remains unmistakably Russian through its modern white design. With the Russian coat of arms in the center infused with golden graphics, the silhouetted eagle spreads its wings to take flight, like the Russian hockey team on ice. The red neckline features white eagle feathers on the shoulders, giving Russian wings to every player. ‘Russia’ proudly stands out in a blue script, with accenting blue waistband. The corresponding red and blue stripes on the socks and the eight golden crowns on the right sleeve add the finishing touch.

courtesy of nike.com

nike russia white1

nike russia white2

nike russia white3

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