10 31 2020

Tim Thomas’s New Pads

Tim Thomas’s New Pads


For any of you Boston Bruin’s or Tim Thomas fans, you will have noticed at training camp this season, he has been sporting some new no name mystery pads. Thomas has a history of wearing pads by almost every manufactuer in the buisness. He has been seen wearing Vaughn, Reebok, TPS and Bauer (among others) over his career.

His new pads have been made by Chris Piku of World Pro Goaldtending School based in Michigan. Apparently Chris has been customizing and modifiying Tim’s pads for a few years. It will be interesting to see if Tim Thomas sticks with these Chris Piku made pads and catcher.

In the NHL, you can pretty much have every single piece of equipment made by company and have it branded for another. My bet is that if you see Tim wearing pads branded by one company, they will probably of been made by Chris Piku.

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  1. Ryan K. says:

    Personally,I own a set of bauer’s myself and most goalies pick pads not by feel but by look.My pads have that same black and white look Thomas has,so it’s all taste.It doesn’t matter what brand he wears,as long as he can bring home lord stanley again,he can wear PINK pads maybe even PURPLE.

  2. Hockey Gear Review N says:

    I agree in the sense that most of the NHL players could wear what ever equipment and be just fine!

  3. reider1 says:

    Agreed. It is style only.