10 01 2020

Tydan Performance Blades Review

Tydan Performance Blades Review

So I really never really thought about replacement parts for my skates. I mean I have tried something before but its not really on my radar. But I slowly started to notice that there were a few different makers of replacement blades on the market. I recently reached out to Tydan Performance Blades and they were kind enough to send out a pair of customized Tydan DLC Player Blades for me to try out. I figure, if its good enough for a ton of NHLers’ to use Tydan Blades, then it must be alright for me too!

Tydan is made up of a father and son team from Dundas Ontario and have been making their own replacement blades for some time now. They can be found on the skates of pros, juniors and minor hockey players all over the world.

The first thing I noticed about the blades was how slick they looked in the packaging. It probably didn’t hurt that they had my name and Hockey Gear Review’s logo laser engraved onto each blade. They come in a cool Gun Metal Grey colour. I couldn’t wait to get them into my skates holders. And switching out the stock blades with the Tydan ones was super easy. I just went down to my local hockey shop and was able to do it myself. A couple of screws later, the Tydan Blades were in and ready to rock. Plus, they were already sharpened. No fuss, no muss.

Out on the ice, I noticed right away that they felt harder. I don’t know how else to describe it other than it felt like the Tydan blades were biting the ice harder, stickier or something to that effect. It felt like my stride was stronger and more powerful. All of this may be because of the added blade height and diamond-like coatings to help give it better glide, edge control, sharper turns and acceleration.


I would highly recommend that you take a hard look at getting Tydan Performance Replacement Blades for your skates. It could be the difference between getting to that puck a nano-second earlier to score the winner or not. If you seem to have trouble with keeping an edge on your current blades, consider swapping them out for these. I don’t think that you will be disappointed at all. The Tydan DLC Blades will run you $149.99 CDN and the Stainless steel ones go for $99.99 Cdn. You can also get custom engraving, profile and radius of hollow for extra.

See what they have to offer at TydanBlades.ca

Hockey Gear Review highly recommends Tydan Performance Blades to hockey players of all ages and levels.

Rating: ★★★★★

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