12 04 2020

Under Armour Heat Gear Review

Under Armour Heat Gear Review



For the last 22 years (like most) I have traditionally worn the same get-up underneath my hockey equipment – some variation of cotton long-sleeved tops and leggings. Cotton relative to other materials is comfortable, inexpensive and it protected my gear from odors, the downside being that it absorbs water and moister like toilet paper. Everyone knows that short of breaking a sweat while wearing cotton feels like you’ve been wrapped in a cold wet shopping bag. Under Armour’s heatgear® compression lineup adds a whole new element to performance, warmth and feeling absolutely slippery.

Look and Feel

The first thing you notice about the heatgear® compression grippy tee is the aggressive graphics that run up and down both arms. These graphics are rubberized, which makes them as functional as their appearance and because they’re rubberized, it prevents equipment like elbow pads from sliding down your arms.

Once you put this gear on, the second thing you notice is how tight it hugs to your body and how warm it feels. The heatgear® lineup is designed to retain your body heat, while simultaneously whisking away moisture so at no point do you ever feel as though you’re overheating or waterlogged. Every time I wear my heatgear® I feel as slippery as a fish, which presents a different set of challenges as my jockstrap tends to slide down the backs of my thighs.


On the ice the Under Amour heatgear® maintains a well-balanced internal temperature. The amount of heat that it retains is surprising as I find it to be very comfortable. The elastic nature of the compression material creates a kinetic-energy-like-effect in your legs and arms. As you extend your limbs you almost feel a resistance and release of the material as you move about.

The grippy tee is effective in keeping your elbow pads in the right place. I wear short-cuffed gloves and I find that my wrist guards slide down towards my hands at times so it would be nice to see the rubberized material run all the way to the wrists on the tee and wrapped around the thighs of the leggings.


This is a product for everyone. But $59.99 for the grippy tee and $49.99 for the leggings isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so all these great features come at a cost – and some of you won’t be able to justify those costs. But if you’re serious about performance, I recommend this product. These undergarments are designed and built to last. Despite my scrawny frame, I still went for the “sculpted” look so I fit my top and bottom quite tight – perhaps a little too tight, since taking this stuff off afterwards feels like trying to climb out of a straight jacket. I suggest purchasing one size up. Hockey Gear Review recommends Under Armour Heat Gear for all hockey players.

Rating: ★★★★½

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