11 25 2020

Warrior Covert DT1 Senior Hockey Gloves Review

Warrior Covert DT1 Senior Hockey Gloves Review

We have been using the recently released Warrior Covert DT1 Senior Hockey Gloves for quite some time now. At first glance , you think that you have seen these gloves before. Style-wise, they look very similar to the Warrior Luxe Gloves but that is where the similarities end.

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Warrior has released their new Covert Gloves with a new version of  Smart Palm. It is constructed out of an enhanced Clarino that has increased strength and breathability. It also features mesh gussets around the fingers. This definitely helps to keep your hands cool and dry as you play. On the cuff, they have increased the size of it and also the size of Warrior word mark. If people didn’t know what kind of gloves you were wearing before, they will now! Finally the outer of the gloves is a combination of Tufftek and a mesh similar to the type you find on pants.

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So now that the technical parts are out-of-the-way, how are the gloves to play in? At first I found them to be quite stiff in the fingers. I had done some reverse bending on them to help loosen them up and certainly after playing for a bit, they have really become quite comfortable. The Covert gloves breath really well. That means your hands will stay dry and allow for a greater feel on your stick. This is enhanced by Chillwave with Polygiene. Chillwave is a material that helps wick the moisture away while also fighting bacteria which in turns keeps the odors way!

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It also have a decent lock thumb. That is always important for me in a high performance gloves. Finally it features a tapered fit that is meant to mimic the shape of your hand. The thought is that the Covert gloves should fit like a driving glove instead of the traditional box fit of 4 Roll gloves. I found the glove to fit quite nicely. But I did notice that the cuff is rather short. Some like that, some don’t. It really comes down to personal preference. It was comfortable and snug but never restricting my movement while playing. And if you know me from my reviews, I never want to notice that I am using different equipment. The less thought on my gear means that I can concentrate more on my play!

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– Lightweight

– Chillwave with Polygiene to keeps the bacteria and smells away

– Mesh gussets to keep your hands cool

– Lock thumb

– Good protection with plastic inserts

– Good mobility with pre-cut fingers


– Mesh outer (how long will it last for?)

– Stiff in the beginning

– Limited color ways

– Short cuff (potentially less protection from hacks and whacks)

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The Warrior Covert DT1 Senior Hockey Gloves represent the latest in Warrior’s hockey gloves designs. They have thought of pretty much everything you would want in a hockey gloves. It has a tapered fit, has good breathability, lock thumb and a high level of protection. I am concerned about how long the mesh outer will last and it took a little of time to break them in. You may also have trouble finding colors to match your teams colors but for this level of glove, ($159.99), those are relatively small worries.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Warrior Covert DT1 Senior Hockey Gloves to intermediate and above level hockey players.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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