12 05 2020

Warrior Covert DT1 Senior Hockey Pants

Warrior Covert DT1 Senior Hockey Pants


Hockey pants seem to be one of the last pieces of equipment you replace. Maybe its because once they get really comfortable, you are really loathe to give them up. But you do know that its time to get rid of the pants because they start to lose their shape and start to look really ratty. Board burn can really start to tear into the pants and then that leads into a whole host of other problems. So what are you looking for in new pants?

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I am looking for a pair of pants that do not need to be broken in, has good stretch, zippers in the thighs and most of all, really really good tailbone protection. The Warrior Covert DT1 Hockey Pants are chalk full of goodness. They have a good zipper in the thigh but what I liked was that there was fabric that protects your inner thigh even when the zipper was fully undone. The pants also had a really good belt with two pull tabs, really good spine and kidney protection and a light weight mesh on the back of the back to help reduce the weight.

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The pants also has Warrior’s Chillwave with Polygiene odor protection. Chillwave keeps you cool while Polygiene keeps you from smelling. The protection at the back of spine is quite extensive. It is one of the most protective pieces on the pants. While it was protective, it is also quite tall. Too tall for short people (like me). I found that the pants and my shoulder pants kept hitting each other and was rather annoying. It did restrict my movement but it was more the annoying factor that bothered me most. If you are taller than me, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

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The Warrior Covert DT1 Senior Hockey Pants are a good choice if you are in the market for a pair of good pants. They are at a decent price at $139.99 and its I don’t think that you will be disappointed if you buy these pants. They have good stretch in them, have zippers in the thighs and good protection all around.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Warrior Covert DT1 Senior Hockey Pants to intermediate hockey players and above.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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