10 31 2020

Warrior Covert QR1 Hockey Stick Review

Warrior Covert QR1 Hockey Stick

What can I say about the new Warrior Covert QR1 stick. It just may be my favorite stick since the original Easton S17. I have been playing with the stick off and on for the last little bit and every time I come back to it, I am reminded of the qualities that make it a personal fav.

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The stick is incredibly light, probably the lightest stick that I have tested. Its so light that sometimes it feels like I am waving nothing in the air, maybe not quite, but you get the idea. Warrior has put a lot of work in reinforcing the stick wit out adding weight and also worked with Mitsubishi on the fibers used for the stick. Basically it is tough without sacrificing its low weight.

Qr1 2

Shooting with the stick is quite fun as well. The puck just pops of your stick. And without having to really lean into it. I was really surprised at how well the puck just whipped off the blade. The stick features a low kick point called Dagger T2 and it is quick released tuned called Moment of Release. All this adds up to a stick the is exceptionally responsive and accurate. I don’t know if it really improved my shot but it sure felt like it.

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The Warrior Covert QR1 stick is an extremely great stick. It does what you want it to do without having to really force it. Shots rocket off your stick. Passes are crisp and you can concentrate on your play. You wont need to worry about putting that extra effort into shooting or cradling a pass. If you are in the market for a high end stick ($259.99), then this should surely be on your radar.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Warrior Cover QR1 Stick to all high level hockey players.  

Rating: ★★★★★

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