12 04 2020

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Elbow Pads

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Elbow Pads

If you are looking for new elbow pads and want maximum protection, you may want to take a look at the Warrior Dynasty AX1 Elbow Pads. The pad is your typical design with a main elbow cup portion with tricep protection on the back. There are 3 straps to keep you secure, one across the bicep, forearm and the bend of your arm. The one that is most important is the neoprene middle strap. It keeps the pad tighly secured and reduces slippage.

Dynasty Elbows1

As for the protection, it is top notch. You wont find any other pad with more protection. It features a molded slash and bicep guard. There is quite a bit of foam and plastics on the pads and that is for increased protection. But is more protection always better? I found the pads to be a little bulky and although they didn’t restrict my movement, they are large. But they do fit well and that is more than half the battle there. Add on the fact they feature Warrior’s Polygiene for reduced odor and smells and it shapes up to be a pretty decent elbow pad.

Dynasty Elbows2

If you are looking for a high level of protection and a decent price, $89.99, then you should seriously consider the Warrior Dynasty AX1 Elbow Pads.

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Hockey Gear Review Recommends the Warrior Dynasty AX1 to intermediate and above hockey players.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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