12 01 2020

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Hockey Gloves Review

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Hockey Gloves Review

Some like it tight and some like it loose. When it comes to most of your hockey equipment now a days, there is plenty of choice. it’s not like the good ol’days when you could walk into your local hockey shop and ask what is the best glove (or any piece of equipment) for me. There are too many variations and differences for that to be the case today.

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The Warrior AX1 Dynasty Gloves are what you would call a traditional fit glove. They have the typical 4 rolls and lots of volume. They also feature Warrior’s WarTech with Polygiene to keep the gloves dry and therefore less smell ( I doubt you can totally eliminate the smell). Mesh gussets will also help to keep your hand dry and cool as well. It has a robust lock thumb and all the plastic inserts you could ask for. There is also a nice wide and flexible cuff to make sure you can dangle all you want. Finally, there are really nice palms on the gloves. I have typically liked the feel of Warrior palms and this is no exception.
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As for feel, I found the gloves to be too wide for my hands. After using tighter fitting gloves with an ergo fit, The AX1’s prove to be too roomy. I also found the fingers to be quite long and gangly for a 14″ glove. For me, I probably would have been better off with a 13″ glove. That would of reduced the fit enough to make it more of a tighter fit. I would of liked to continue with a narrow fit option like they did with the extremely popular Franchise gloves that these have replaced. With all of that being said, once the puck drops, you don’t notice it too much. You have more important things to think about!
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All in all, the Warrior AX1 Dynasty Gloves are a good choice if you prefer a traditional 4 Roll glove or if you have meaty hands. They will treat you just find. But if you prefer a tighter narrower fit, then you should look elsewhere. At $179.99, make sure that you like the gloves before leaving the store. Grab a stick and play around with gloves on. Give it some time and you will know whether they are right for you.
Hockey Gear Review recommends the Warrior AX1 Dynasty Gloves for intermediate hockey players and above. 
Rating: ★★★½☆
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