10 30 2020

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Senior Hockey Stick Review

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Senior Hockey Stick


Sticks are a funny thing. There is so much to consider but the biggest for me is the curve. After years and years of looking and choosing sticks, I finally found the curve that I like. Whenever I look for a new stick, I always look for the ‘Drury’ pattern (every company has their version of it). After the curve, grip and flex are next on the list. I prefer no grip and 85 flex. No grip because I don’t like the feeling of my hand being stuck to the stick. I like it to move freely and the feeling of grip is something that I have never gotten used to. I like 85 flex because I have to cut the stick down by about 4-6 inches and once you do that, it dramatically alters the stiffness of the stick. Unofficially, I figure the stick becomes about a 95-105 flex and the works for me.

AX1 Stick1

Why all the explanation about my preference? Because when I was sent the new Warrior Dynasty AX1 Senior Hockey Stick, the first thing I noticed was it was grip. I thought that this would be a negative but I was proven wrong, kinda. The Slick Grip is a softer grip for lack of a better description. It was not super sticky but there was a nice subtle tackiness. For the first time ever, I enjoyed playing with a grip stick. I thought to myself, now this is a grip stick that I could love! That was until the grip started to peel off after my second time using it. I am not totally sure what happened but the stick has now basically become a non-grip stick. After using it exclusively for 2 months, the grip is non-existent and if I was someone who bought it because of the grip feature, I would not be so happy.

Ax1 Stick9

AX1 Stick2

As for the graphics, I like the combination of grey and black used on the stick. There is a nice contrast there. The stick features the typical Warrior word mark lower down the shaft and the Dynasty logo in the middle of the shaft. I did not like that the light grey portion of the stick was glittery. It seemed out-of-place and I just didn’t like how the stick sparkled. But I did liked how the stick featured images of the different features that Warrior put into the Dynasty stick. It features Twin Spar, HCX/Hardcore X, Aramid Sole, Cabonization of the blade. It also features AXY Sym, Mid Kick, Strong Arm and Hi-Fused technology on the shaft. Basically all of those terms are describing the technology they have put into making the blade and shaft of the stick.

Ax1 Stick5

Out of all those features listed above, the one that matters the most is Mid Kick. That means the flex point of the stick in located somewhere between your hands. It allows you to transition from stick handling to shooting quite quickly and without any wasted time. And your shots are quite hard and accurate. Taking pass is fine and as stated before, shooting is firm and on target (most of the time).

Ax1 Stick4


  • Good feel
  • Well Balanced
  • Takes a pass well
  • Good Graphics


  • Grip came off too easily
  • It sparkles

Ax1 Stick6

The Warrior Dynasty AX1 Senior Hockey Stick is a fine stick from a play-ability stand point. It is a good passing stick, stick handles well and you are able to take shots quickly. But it does have some draw backs. It sparkles in the light. I personally don’t want a stick that looks like someone sprayed it with glitter. I would rate the stick higher because it plays well but I can’t get on board with some of the style design choices and the fact that the grip only lasted 2 ice times. If that was the main reason for purchasing the stick at $239.99, then I would be quite upset.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Warrior Dynasty AX1 to high level rec players and above.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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Ax1 Stick8

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