12 04 2020

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Shin Pads

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Shin Pads


Warrior’s Dynasty Protective line is certainly one that you can not complain about the level of protection. That is certainly true about the Dynasty AX1 Shin Pads. When you look at the padding, you instantly recognize the yellow of Warriors Wartech with Polygiene to help keep the gear smelling good and odor free. It also features an extremely intense calf wrap. Finally, it makes use of the Warrior’s Sling Wrap Technology for a snug fit.

AX1 Shin1

I found the shin pads extremely bulky. They weren’t any longer than any other of the shin pads I have tried but they were just too big. While I was skating, they seemed to stick out quite far and just never sat properly. I normally wear 15″ pads but maybe with these ones I should have tried a 14″. Maybe that would have fit better? But they were quite light, so that is good. I would say that they never were impeding my ability to skate but there was something that wasn’t quite right.

AX1 Shin2

The Dynasty Shin Pads are extremely protective with padding everywhere you would want to have it. You are held in securely with the normal strap just under knee, a neoprene sling strap around the calf and then the calf wrap. If you like a tight fit, this will do you well. If you don’t like a tight wrap, then this may not be for you. The top of the pad is adjustable as well. That will help with the fit of the Dynasty as well. The liner of the pad can also be removed and washed. That will help to keep the pads smelling right!

AX1 Shin3

Overall, I don’t think that the Warrior Dynasty AX1 Shin Pads aren’t bad. They have many good and note worthy qualities. They are extremely protective and are held on tightly to your leg. But if you have bigger calves, these will not work for you. As with any shin pad, make you try them on with your skates and you will know whether they are for you or not. If they are, for $99.99, these are too bad a purchase.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Warrior Dynasty AX1 Shin Pads to intermediate and above level hockey players.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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