10 31 2020

What Equipment Does Alexander Ovechkin Use?

What Equipment Does Alexander Ovechkin Use?


I don’t know if this is a burning question for you but I thought that it might be interesting to let you know what gear Ovi really uses. We all know that he is one of the biggest stars in Bauer’s stable and is seen promoting the APX line, but does he really wear APX?

Let see…

What really got me thinking about it was this photo.

You can clearly see a few things. Ovi is wearing the soon to be released Bauer Nexus 1000 elbow pads that have been customized with an added protective slash piece sewed on. But what is really interesting is that on his Bauer shoulder pads, he is using the shoulder cap from his exclusive CCM GR8 line.

Next we can see that he uses the full range of Bauer lids from the newly released Re-Akt, 5100 or 9900 (depending on the foam) and the old classic 4500. During the NHL playoffs, Alex was using the Re-Akt.

In this photo you can see that he is using the new Bauer APX stick, APX gloves and APX skates. Also my educated guess is that Ovi is using the Nexus 1000 shin pads based on the ridges in his socks.

Finally in this last photo, we can see the lower back protection on Ovi’s pants and it is clearly showing the MAX SORB protection used in the TotalOne pants.

If you have ever wondered what equipment Alexander Ovechkin wears, we hope that we answered a few of those questions.

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  1. D.Bae says:

    I think the pants he’s wearing are the on95 pants not the total ones because the maxsorb on the totalone isnt blue, it’s yellow. Also, on the total ones, you can’t see the silver buttons on the back like you can on ovechkin’s.

  2. Hockey Gear Review N says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Good eye! I took a closer look at you are right, I think that Ovi is wearing One95 pants. I was thinking that maybe they customed the Max Sorb blue for him on the TotalOne pants but after taking a closer look at the stitching and the shape of the fabric/material, I would have to agree that it is the Bauer One95 pants (or at least the uppers!).



  3. Colton says:

    I think that Ovie is wearing the Vapor X:60 pro gloves and not the APX b/c the padding looks thicker on the X:60 and the glove itself looks like it says “X:60” and By the way Ovie is now using the Supreme TotalOne NXG stick now!

  4. Hockey Gear Review N says:

    Hey Colton,

    Thanks for letting us know. These photos and the post it self is from last season. After finally getting to see the NHLer’s using the new APX gloves, we were wrong about the gloves. Thanks for helping us and our readers!