11 28 2020

What Gear Does Connor McDavid use?

So your favourite player is Connor McDavid and you want to look like him. But one question remains. What gear does he use? You know that he is sponsored by CCM and looks like he is using CCM gear but let us take a deeper dive into the gear he wears.

In full flight, we can see a few things right away. Connor is using a CCM Vector V08 helmet. He is using CCM CL 500 gloves and a CCM Super Tack Stick. While it is harder to see, he is also wearing CCM JetSpeed skates.

Here is a better shot of the gloves.

And here is a better shot of the JetSpeed skates.

Connor’s pants are a little harder to tell. We know that they are CCM but what style. With his jersey tucked in, we can see the back protection and it gives us a little clue. I believe them to be the CCM U+ Crazy Light pants.

If you compare the two, they have pretty similar patterns.

A little harder to see past the two Hall of Famers and Connor but if you look in his stall you can see his CCM U+ shoulder pads. They could also be the RBZ shoulder pads as well. Very similar shoulder caps.

The elbow and shin pads are the hardest to figure out. As far as I can tell, those are Reebok 20K elbow pads that have been re-branded CCM. No other elbow pads fit the colour scheme. The shin pads look like Reebok 8K pro shin pads that are only available to the pros. I couldn’t find any better pics but its a start.

Did I get it right? Did I get something wrong? Let me know.

More importantly, do you wear the same gear as Connor McDavid?

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