10 31 2020

Winnwell AMP 1100 Senior Hockey Stick Review

Winnwell AMP 1100 Senior Hockey Stick Review

Nearly 2 years ago to the day we published our Winnwell GX8 stick review – a stick that Winnwell claimed to be the “Most high performance product in the market under $100”. After putting that stick through our paces, we had to agree as it effortlessly outperformed its sticker price. Fast forward 24 months and now we are reviewing Winnwell’s newest modulus graphite creation, the AMP 1100. A stick that costs early 2.3 times as the GX8, but the question you really want to ask is “do you get 2.3 times the performance?”

AMP 1100 1

The AMP 1100 is a slick colour combination of satin white and matte black. I found that white makes the puck visually “pop off” of stick, especially on a bright surface, which, for me made tracking the puck on my blade easier. Easton and CCM are other notable stick manufacturers who have used a similar satin white on the RBZ and Mako sticks respectively.

AMP 1100 2

The AMP 1100 also features their 3K Skin Surface and Trigger Grip technology – which are essentially tiny square bumps wrapped all four-sides of the shaft and positioned 2 ft. along the shaft’s flex zone. Personally, I didn’t notice a huge benefit to these tiny little bumps and would have preferred a grip-shaft option.

AMP 1100 3

Like many of today’s high-end ultra-lightweight sticks, the AMP 1100 is virtually weightless in your hands. The shaft has a low-kick-point and I found that it could generate good torque with little effort. The biggest surprise for me was the amount of feel and feedback I received from the blade, taking hard passes felt solid with no vibrations and I felt very little twisting of the blade and shaft on my mishit slap shots, especially the ones I took off the toe of the blade.

AMP 1100 4

Like the GX8, the AMP 1100 is very durable. I’ve played about a handful of games already and have taken some very good slashes across the lower portion of the stick, which is showing wear but the paint has not chipped or cracked.

AMP 1100 6

In my opinion, the GX8 was Winnwell’s “coming out” party. They wanted to illustrate and prove that they could create and produce a product that could run with the big boys without breaking the piggy bank – and they did.

AMP 1100 5

So to answer my earlier questions – do you get 2.3 times the performance? Yes. It is evident that Winnwell did not compromise on features and technology. This stick is light, responsive and very durable. Presumably, Winnwell felt that if they weren’t making concessions on technology – why should they on price? At $229.99. The AMP 1100 is still 25-35% less expensive than the sticks it was designed to compete with. That said, intermediate players may not be inclined to spend this much and high-caliber players loyal to other brands may not be swayed for 35%, which is what made the GX8 a great buy.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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